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ECF Labs in Four Minutes

ECF Labs is an engine for communities.
We host thematic Labs where multiple users can post content within a single Lab and engage in discussions around specific topics.


Users can request to open and run a Lab. This is how we want to bring people and communities together around shared interests and concerns.

This is how a Lab looks like on a laptop
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Hot and New

Hot sorts all content within a Lab according to popularity. When a Lab is set to “Hot”, the most engaging content will appear first.

New sorts Lab content in a chronological order: the most recently posted `content will appear first.

Here are the buttons to post content


It is easy to post content on ECF Labs. Simply click one of these four buttons, depending on whether you want to post only some text, an image, a video or a file or link.



Oftentimes, a bit of prose is all one needs to get a point across. We have included a minimal-yet-effective rich text editor that ensures all text is attractively formatted and presented.

Input: Text
Input: Text Input: Image Input: Media Input: File/Link


One image can speak a thousand words. You can upload photos from your computer or any web page URL.

Input: Image


Quickly embed from Internet media sources such as YouTube, Vimeo, TED and SoundCloud. All media can be uploaded using a specific URL.

Input: Media


ECF Labs is also a place to share links and documents. Make sure the file is not bigger than 8MB.

Input: File/Link


A Clip is a tool to reward for relevant, quality content. If you see content that you like within ECF Labs, we invite you to “clip" it.

Clip it!

With the Clips we can locate and promote the most popular content, be it within a particular Lab or across all of ECF Labs.

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London, UK
I can't wait to see what everyone is up to here on ECF Labs!


Meet & Greet

At ECF Labs we believe that the members of a strong community know each other.


As opposed to simply clicking a 'follow' button, we ask that you introduce yourself to the person you are looking to become familiar with.

When you Meet & Greet another user, that person becomes part of your network


London, UK
I can't wait to see what everyone is up to here on ECF Labs!


In your profile, you can see an overview of content that you have posted and clipped, and you can see who is in your own network.

All content that you have posted is listed here, in chronological order
This is where you can go back and see all the content that you have clipped


Sometimes you may prefer to exchange ideas “behind the scenes” rather than through the public comment field. When this is the case, you can send a private message to any other user.

For a one-to-one conversation

Get started with ECF Labs!

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