Trump and Europe's populist revolte

Is there really an international wave of a hard-right populism? Are the masses rising up around the world to topple corrupt elites? Or is talk of this colossal political shift just jargon, guff and cocktail chatter concocted by analysts searching for patterns when the victories of Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election and Britain’s decision to leave the EU—to name the two most significant results in the West—could just be unconnected blips?

Quite a provocative start of a recent article in Newsweek, about Trump's victory and the chances for right wing populists to gain ground in upcoming elections across Europe: Austria, The Netherlands, France and Germany. 

Is the current spike of nationalism different than in past times? As the article suggests, 

No single political upheaval has shaken the world—and by many measures, people are generally richer, healthier, better educated and living in less violent societies than ever before.

Any thoughts around this article?

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