This lab explores how the paradigm of the two culture's arts and sciences might be transformed through a Cultural Re-Think. Imagine research labs and universities where artists and scientists worked together? Imagine equal funding for projects where both artists and scientists are considered equal in contribution and remuneration? What outcomes could be possible? What solutions might be found to big questions? Let us bring them together in this Lab.
Moderator: Sherryl Ryan

Do you also believe in the art of story telling, like I do?
Do you also believe in the science of cultural differences, like I do?

If yes, I hope you spend few moments of your day...

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"From the oceans to the soil, technology is changing the part that amateurs can play in research."

Read the whole interesting article published in...

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International open call by the European Digital Art and Science Network, for artists and all kinds of innovative concepts and ideas in the fields of art and technology.


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Dear reader,

My name is Maria, I am Amsterdam based photographer currently working on "Heterochromia - Children of Hags" photography project which is very suitable for this platform in...

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