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BBC News Hardtalk Jimmie Akesson Swedish immigration is 'extreme'

Someone from Sweden to comment on that one?

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His party, the Sweden Democrats, has neo-nazi roots, and is in the parliament since 2010. One question now is what will happen after the European elections, here an article in English or this article in Swedish, with video interview in French:

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Lisa, thank you! Interesting link.
I wasn't aware of that possible alliance with Le Pen. 

If you vote for the Sweden Democrats, does that mean that you're supporting the National Front and racism? The Swedish people deserve an answer

good question..

Btw, thanks to your link now I know where to find Swedish news in English

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I did not know it is that bad, I thought immigrants were more accepted there.

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Meanwhile on the homepage of

The Swedish government on Tuesday will publish its white paper on the historic treatment of Roma, detailing systemic abuse and police opinion that it would be best to kill them off.

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There are two issues here: The Sweden Democrats focus a lot on muslim immigration and want to keep Sweden "pure Swedish" (whatever that is?). The article you refer to (I guess this one is about discrimination of the Roma people, who have lived in Sweden for more than 500 years, and apparently still are not able to simply enjoy a hotel breakfast as any other guest. Two different situations, but both have to do with in intolerance and ignorance.

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Update, open letter with excuse, published on the Sheraton Facebook page

this incident does not in any way reflect the beliefs and values of the Sheraton Stockholm or those of Sheraton as a brand

and further

apologies for the upset and embarrassment that this situation has caused


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