The Art of Reproduction - How artists deal with parenthood

Being a parent and raising a family while working is a harduous task. It seems that an extra set of barriers arise for people who work in the arts; an environment which is not as kid-friendly as one could think.

The article shared here talks about those issues and mentions a few initiatives that have arisen in the US and in Europe to help people working in the arts keep their jobs ... and families!

Selected quotes:

Older, more established people in the art world told her before she had kids that she would have to choose between raising a family or aggressively pursuing a career as a professional artist. Selina Trepp, one of Donner’s CR collaborators, was once dropped from representation by a gallery in Switzerland when its owner learned she was pregnant.

But children historically have not fit into cultural and social worlds in an obvious way and not been seen as “an appropriate component of the art world. Not to mention it’s past their bedtime.”

As a society, believes Francke, people have gotten used to not having contact with children who are not theirs. She cites signs she has seen on American playgrounds that read, “Adults unaccompanied by children not allowed.” Part of her Invisible Spaces project focuses on the “invisibility of childcare and parenthood structures from non-parents and tries to raise the economical, social and political issues involved,” she says.



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Very interesting, thanks Alexia!

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i would say for about 5% of the artist this is no Proplem with being a parent,
For the other 95% of artist worldwide i would say they have two Chances, Rather they have a Partner with a good income, or the Give up the idea of being a Profesional artist.
I mean how to
feed kids if you have no F***in Money ?


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Hey Lutz ! 
It is true that raising a family on an artist income (which, to me, is not necessarily low but can be very unstable) can be hard to manage. European governments definitely need to acknowledge the particularities of those professions and offer a status that would help artists raise their family in decent conditions. I am thinking for instance about the difficulties it may represent to buy a house. When you could be making 8,000€ one month and nothing the next month, it is hard to fight your case when asking for a mortgage! 

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"status" is a well chosen Hashtag,
i can only Speak for Germany and i also hear it from people in France, there is no clear Staus for Artist having a low income.
You not "unemployed" so you can not have the wellfare, but you also not an employee so you can also not have the so called "combi wage" ("combination wage" is a system in germany where employees can have help from the state to pay their Rent or Additional costs, if their income is lower than the income of the so called "average employees").
So very many Artist are often without alternative to get the regular wellfare, but then you are in a Jobcenter and you are kind of Forced to take "any" job you 've been ask for.

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