Los solares vacíos de Aldo van Eyck / The Aldo van Eyck's empty lot

Da igual dónde hayas nacido, cuánto dinero tenga tu familia,
de qué color sea tu piel o tu ideología; esencialmente todos
somos iguales: nos gusta jugar. El juego, como actividad
que nos ayuda a practicar las habilidades físicas y cogniti-
vas, es algo compartido por todo ser humano.

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"Playing is something shared by all humans, regardless of who we are" - that's so true! As this article mentions Amsterdam, it made me think of this film about children in Amsterdam demonstrating for more playgrounds in the early 1970's. Don't know if/how this relates to Aldo van Eyck, but it shows there was a real need for more playgrounds in the city.

One of the young activists in the film says:

“I expect a lot of support. We occupied the street to show we want a play street. It needs to be closed for ever. That’s how you campaign! Show what’s wrong and how it can be better. And then the city will follow.”

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Recently young designers Denisa Kollarova and Anna van Lingen dove into the heritage of van Eyck's playgrounds in Amsterdam in particular, and his design ideas in general. See their http://www.annavanlingen.com/Seventeen-Playgrounds or buy their book aka guide http://www.lecturisbooks.nl/en/webshop/aldo-van-eyck-seventeen-playgroun...

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Thanks for the links, Friso, interesting to see! The "iglo" shaped climbers look very familiar, I keep seeing them everywhere still today, so that was a successful design, for sure.

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