Paid family leave in the US

In this lab we are very interested in the different ways each country regulates childcare and maternity & paternity leave. In his show, comedian John Oliver explains the situation in the US, where many companies do not offer paid leave after the birth of a child.

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As always, great piece from John Oliver!

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I love the way John Oliver is able to deliver such insightful information in the most hilarious way. 
This is a real issue for sure. Do you have any idea of how European countries compare in terms of maternity (and paternity) leaves? Which country has the best laws, which is lagging behind?

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Hi, Alexia! 

In this graphic you can check out  the current state of affairs of maternity and paternity leave in EU Member States.

And here there's a graphic with maternity leave (no info on paternity leave) around the world.

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Thanks for sharing this Irene! It seems like Europe is doing pretty well in comparison to the rest of the world. There is still progress to be made though, especially in terms of mother/father parity. Starting by calling it a parental leave (rather than maternity or paternity leave) would be a great first step.

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