Spanish MP causes stir by bringing baby to parliament

Podemos deputy Carolina Bascansa condemned by conservatives and feminists alike after she brought five-month-old son Diego to work

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Hi Pandora, thanks for sharing. I´m from Spain (but living in Lisbon) and I can assure you that the polemic has been discussed too much in the media and social media. I remember posting longtime ago an article on social media about Licia Ronzulli, and people no reacted as they reacted last week. Of course, things change when it´s about your context.
Some people accuse Ms Bancansa of searching a "the good picture" because there is a nursery at the parliament and she is not bringing to all the meetings and public events the baby with her. I´m not sure if there was a concrete objective or it was a need, but I think this social debate and discussion only show us how far we are from gender equality. In both cases it well justified, as a need (because it should be a right to be considered in work and family life conciliation policy) and as a symbolic action because we need to start to talk at thoses levels, parlamentarian and social, these issues.
I honestly think that bringing your baby to work should be an open option to be considered by a work and family life conciliation policy, that must be of course, reinforced with many other instruments and resources to satisfactory support parents and of course, promote gender equality.

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