Video by Ylva Rancken-Lutz

Great to hav a special lab for care and parenting!  I am a sociologist who have been researching first-time parenting in urban and suburban settings in Sweden, Finland and Denmark. I made this video to try to understand how it could be for a baby in a stroller in the city.

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Really cool video, Ylva! I think it transmits very well what can be the experience of a baby in the city. We would very much like to now more about your research!

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Sorry - I never remember we have this emial system here.  You can write to me on

I am happy to tell you more.  I was finnishing my PhD when my funding ended and now I am in a peculiar situation where I am a student at NTNU in Norway but have no funding.  It is not very easy to get money for social well-being projects.

So please tell me what you want to know more about.  I have some paper from conferences and an almost finnished article about the online part of the study.

Best wishes, Ylva

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