What my park is like and what I wish it were like

We have designed  this web form that we believe can serve in our “research”. Fill it out and send in.

(Below please find the translation of the form questions).

-My park is…

-I go to this park because…

-Do you always see the same people? Do you know any of them?

-Which elements are there and which would you like to have? (Fountains, benches, trees, shade…).

-What kind of condition are the installations in? Is it fenced or is it open?

-What do we see around the park (bars, housing, businesses, public restrooms).   

-How do you feel in the park? What do you like doing there? Are there zones and activities for different ages?

-What do you expect from a park? What would you like to find there?

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It's great that you translated the questions into English! So, after filling in first my name (mi nombre), is it OK if people fill in the answers in English, simply following the 8 questions one by one?

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Yeah, perfectly ok! :)


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