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The New Horizons game celebrates the present and future human diversity within Finland. The game is the product of ongoing collaboration between students and teachers at JAMK University of Applied Sciences and our partner George Simons International, the originator of the diversophy® series of cultural training games.

New Horizons facilitates interaction and dialogue through game play, with the overall goal of increasing awareness, understanding and empathy between communities and between individuals residing in Finland. By different, we mean all people in Finland including past, present and future newcomers, as well as those who are visiting from outside of Finland as students or professionals. 

The New Horizons game is now freely available across Finland for use by teachers, trainers, municipalities, libraries, language schools, cultural centers, and others who are interested in learning more about the inhabitants of Finland.

Students and staff at JAMK University of Applied Sciences organized the JAMK United for Refugees (JUfR) project in September 2015 as a community awareness campaign. The project is based in a cross-cultural management course where students co-create content and develop their own approaches and solutions.

New Horizons now has its own Facebook page: diversophy: New Horizons. You should definitely like the page, to receive first-hand updates and access freely to this NGO product.

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Together with the free game content, the team would also like to keep in touch with you along your experience journey with New Horizons. You are always welcome to contact New Horizons ( or diversophy® (, for any queries or consultation of using the game in most effective way. :)

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