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Photo project about Bosnia and Herzegovina "Drops against oblivion" - on the road trip from Berlin through Balkan to Istanbul

"Why is it that BORDERS and NATIONALITY, and not FREEDOM, shape the IDENTITY of most of the people on this planet? Everyone is born somewhere. It's not something you deserved, made or gained. How is it then that the pure coincidence of being born in one country leads all too often to a situation where you're ready to kill someone just because that person doesn't belong to your tribe, nation, country or religion." - ask photographer Ines Kotarac. 

Her photo project „Drops against oblivion, or looking for the lost homeland“ brings different motives shot in Bosnia Herzegovina, country author had left as a girl to come back to it as a photographer. Exhibition of selected works will be shown in around ten different towns on the way from Berlin to Istanbul. The exhibition will try to start a dialog about identities, traces of both personal and global HISTORY, MEMORY and OBLIVION, FORGIVENESS and the lack of it. On her way she will also try to document other people's stories on these themes and show them afterwards.


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Hi Ines, I just watched your video. You say that "my only weapon is my camera" - well, I think you have a very powerful weapon there! Breaking borders in people's minds is also a very powerful thing to do, and I hope so much that you will get all the support you need so that you can fulfull this project! Good luck!

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Feel free to spread the word!

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Will do!

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