Looking for Europen business/cultural partners that are not yet infected with 'Russophobia'.

I'm a designer/manufacturer (from the "terrible barbarian Russia") of unsurpassed knitwear and inventor of utterly novel cloth/knit fastener.You may know that within 60 thousand years the mankind has invented nine kinds of fasteners for clothing (the last, the ''velcro', was invented in 1948th; the penultimate, the ''zipper'', - in 1912th). I've invented the tenth.
This novel fastener can lie not only through the straight line (like a zipper), but also through the lines of any crookedness. It is organic on every sorts of cloth/knit clothing. It is not a foreign thing on clothes being produced of the same material as a warp. It has a decorative fixer (the stop). Unfastening is swift (almost lightning).

I'd like to find partners in EU - for mass adoption of my innovations.


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