Euro'zik needs you !

Euro'zik is a project of documentary about music in Europe.
We're two filmmakers (Guillaume, technical director and me, Léa, artistic director and editor) and we go from March to September on the European roads to meet musicians from everywhere we go. 

From September to December we edit the movie and we begin to send it to festivals.

We plane to travel in Spain, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Romania, Poland and Germany but some people, musicians invites us to come in Swizerland and Macedonia some maybe we'll make a detour...

We have in mind to make a movie inspired from Buena Vista Social Club and Samsara, really achored in the landscape and the native culture.

We let you discover the entire project on !
That's in french language, if you have question, just send us a mail !


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What an interesting project, I think we need those musical journeys! I'm curious to see what it will bring: musical differences from across Europe, or musical similarities? Perhaps both. Good luck, and I hope you'll keep us updated on your project!

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Thank you very much!!
You can follow us on facebook or on our blog !

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I will !

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Hello Léa, why don't you give us more details?

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