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The Encyclopedia of migrants is an artistic experimentation project initiated by Paloma Fernández Sobrino which aims to produce an encyclopedia containing 400 testimonies of the life narratives of migrant people. It is a collaborative work based at the Blosne district, in Rennes that includes a network of 8 cities of the Atlantic side of Europe, between the Brittany Finistère and Gibraltar.

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By the way, who is your focal point in Lisbon? I might know this person.
If you want to hear about some stories, let me know, as I work for the Global Platform for Syrian Students, organisation based in Lisbon.

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I like very much this initiative, it´s quite relevant.
Looking forward to watching the videos!

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Dutch webbased newspaper 'De Correspondent' has just today launched a new platform - asking their readers to meet up with and have conversations with newly arrived residents in the Netherlands as to map stories and together build a new narrative of the Netherlands. Info here [Dutch only]:

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Hi Ana - It looks like a great project. What though do you think is the value of (calling) it 'an artistic experimentation project'? It seems more like an oral history / film project. I don't mean that as a criticism - just what is the value of applying the word 'art' to this?


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Hi, Charles,

The information I have uploaded about the project is precisely the way they describe themselves on their website.

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I know - I just meant. What do *you* think is the point of *them* describing this project as an art project? The Dutch artist Jonas Staal has recently built a Parliament in the semi-autonomous Kurdish part of Northern Syria and again this is part of his 'arts practice'. I think I'm running out of patience with socially engaged art - either you're doign something which aims to make a difference to a social problem, or you're not! If you are but you insist on calling it 'art' - it's as though you're not fully committed; like you always have your tongue in your  cheek; like you don't have to be judged by the same criteria as somebody who is doing it for real, because what you're doing should also be considered as a performance... Maybe I'm being unfair. I don't really know what I think.

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I understand what you mean, Charles. I think it all depends on the methods being used for the collection and presentation of these migrants' testimonies. They are using photography and film but I wonder to what extent this is not simply a way of conveying/disseminating more of an oral history project or, as you put it, a performance. On the other hand, I wonder what is the involvement of migrants in these "artistic" practices or are they simply the subjects of interest and this ends up being a way of providing awareness about the refugee/migrant crisis in Europe...

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dear Charles, dear Ana, interesting read - your discussion. That moment when 'engaged' artists stop benig artists and step into the political arena always is a strange moment, for both realms. But is does happen, see

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I had a look at their website, it looks like an interesting project! The question they introduce is very much like the frame for this lab, isn't it?

How to make this cosmopolitanism wealth a development factor and not a source of tension and withdrawal?

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