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Mohammed: "No country in the world is gonna listen..."


“WelcomeToTurkey” is a collective effort that intends to listen to the stories of the Syrians living in Turkey through their very own words. It is an outcome of a personal discomfort on the dominant representation of the refugees; a wish to make a small contribution to the struggle against the increasing xenophobia. It never claims to “represent” the Syrians living in Turkey, but attempts to uproot the negative stereotyping about them.

It does not have a deadline or so, but it is to be carried on as long as we can. It is, indeed, a tool to construct a continuous contact in solidarity; an “excuse” to chat. 

“WelcomeToTurkey” is a naive, personal, yet collective desire to get in touch with our new neighbors; a projection of the word we want to utter to the people who decide to live here in Turkey. In order to live together as long as they wish to..

11 weeks 23 hours
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