Office of Displaced Designers

The Office of Displaced Designers is a collaborative skills-sharing and training platform that supports small multi-disciplinary projects. We predominantly work with refugees and migrants who either have a creative background in design or have an interest in learning new design related skills. We collectively devise projects that are relevant to them and their interests, provide opportunities for co-learning and professional development, and help rebuild their portfolios, networks and self-esteem. All our projects aim to promote social cohesion in some way and we are also engaging with the local Greek community to provide new opportunities for integration.

We are currently developing a physical space where design can happen. Our office comprises a co-working space and small workshop. We also host complementary programs in language and computer skills, which are run by volunteers and refugees themselves.

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Dear Shareen,

Welcome on ECF Labs, and on the lab Refuge & Culture in Europe. I look forward to meet you at the Idea Camp in Madrid and learn more about your initiative. The Labs is a space for sharing and debating, and I hope this will be for you an inspiring place.
Kind regards

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