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In a series of portraits Dutch broadcasting company NOS tracks back the arrival stories of migrants and how they are living their lives right now. In this episode Wasim, from Aleppo, who speaks in English so you can all follow the interview.

Are there examples from mroe European countries of new neighbours telling their stories?

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Thanks for sharing this Friso! 
Here is a documentary from Swedish Television (SVT), following 14 year old Ahmad on his journey from Syria to Sweden, accompanied by his uncle, but separated from his parents: Ahmads resa (Ahmad's journey). A painfully touching story. There are no subtitles in English, but I think the images may speak for themselves, so I encourage also non-Swedish/Arabic speakers to have a look (and let me know if you want a specific passage explained).

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Hi Friso - It's not quite the same but the BBC gave cameras to migrants in their country of origin and then left them to document their journey's to Britain. They made a film from the footage. There's a trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEZTzgY0oeo. I'm afraid I missed it when it was on though. Charlie

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