We are researching the themes of “Refuge, Culture and Europe” for a book to be published next spring, and to be launched at the occasion of the 2017 Idea Camp: “Moving Communities” (Madrid, from 1 to 3 March).
We firmly believe that cultural practices hold the seeds of a more caring and just Europe. 
We invite you to collect, connect and discuss in this Lab inspiring cultural initiatives and voices from across Europe that explore ways how to live together.
Please share here your links, writings, stories, images and thoughts, and join us in our journey.
We hope that this Lab will become, over time, a 'refuge' for anyone willing to involve in discussion about the future of Europe. 
Rubén (ES), Lore (F), Igor (PL) & Charlie (UK)

In a series of portraits Dutch broadcasting company NOS tracks back the arrival stories of migrants and how they are living their lives right now. In this episode Wasim, from Aleppo, who speaks...

15 weeks 6 days

The Encyclopedia of migrants is an artistic experimentation project initiated by Paloma Fernández Sobrino which aims to produce an encyclopedia containing 400 testimonies of the life...

17 weeks 2 days

Greek philosopher Stavros Stavrides was a guest in one of the Amsterdam based Hey U! lectures on the future of European cities and the ways in which they battle to include new citizens, or...

17 weeks 13 hours