We are researching the themes of “Refuge, Culture and Europe” for a book to be published next spring, and to be launched at the occasion of the 2017 Idea Camp: “Moving Communities” (Madrid, from 1 to 3 March).
We firmly believe that cultural practices hold the seeds of a more caring and just Europe. 
We invite you to collect, connect and discuss in this Lab inspiring cultural initiatives and voices from across Europe that explore ways how to live together.
Please share here your links, writings, stories, images and thoughts, and join us in our journey.
We hope that this Lab will become, over time, a 'refuge' for anyone willing to involve in discussion about the future of Europe. 
Rubén (ES), Lore (F), Igor (PL) & Charlie (UK)

In his function as mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando was once known for fighting the maffia. Now, in his fourth term as mayor, he is about fighting something else. With migrants arriving in...

11 weeks 4 days

Solidarity Cities is an initiative on the management of the refugee crisis proposed by the Mayor of Athens and launched in the framework of the EUROCITIES network. It aims to constitute the...

13 weeks 4 days

The New York Review of Books has a Brexit special. None other than Zadie Smith - who described 'welcoming cultures' in the UK or USA so well, contributed a piece on Brexit. But not on Brexit...

14 weeks 2 days