IETM June 2016 review of Euro arts practices in refugee crisis

144 initiatives from accross Europe linking the arts practices and refugees. I'm going through it and will post what seems most relevant below. 

The report coves case studies in 5 areas:

1. Creative engagement with displaced

2. Work made by artists who identify as
refugees, asylum-seekers, newcomers, or

3. Non-refugee artists making work about
refugee and asylum-seeking communities
primarily for non-displaced audiences

4. Networks and platforms for art made
by those with refugee or migrant back

Some interesting projects featured in the report:

Art Refuge UK
UK arts therapy organisation who work with displaced people currently working in Calais refugee camp

Good Chance Theatre
Another UK project which put a temporary theatre in the Jungle. After the camp was cleared by the French authorities the tent was moved back to the UK

Mazi Mas
Mazí Mas is a social enterprise cafe dedicated to supporting women from migrant and refugee communities.
Refugee and Migration festival in Berlin

Kommen und Bleiben
Refugee / non-refugee design collaboration platform in Germany. They say 'Through projects like “The Guide for New-Berliners”, “Poster Pub Crawl”, “The Frying carpet” or “Communication Benches” people of different professions and background work together considering each others ideas.'

Community centre in Istanbul


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