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Ljubljana migrant stafed restaurant/catering company social enterprise with cultural activities which does 'more than just food'.

Social enterprise whose main objectives are to raise the employment opportunities of migrants and people of different cultures converge. Marketed local, delicious authentic cuisine of Africa, Asia and South America. Dishes prepared and presented migrants from individual countries. 

Traditional delicacies you can taste in our  restavracji "without walls" Trubarjeva 56 in Ljubljana, where waiting for you every day from Monday to Saturday fresh delicacies from other countries of the world. With us you can "every day you travel somewhere else." Currently, Tunisia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Argentina, Gambia, Morocco, India, Bangladesh, Algeria, the Philippines, Egypt and other places!

Culinary delights you can experience in the form of cateringov cultural programs. Our caterers distinguished by the freshness of the culinary offer and the possibility of additional features - high-quality cultural programs. Imagine a wedding where you love songs sung African singing small choir in the background gently plays percussion ensemble of West African percussion, but when VNE party, zabobnajo on Djem dance and African dancers. The whole place but love the atmosphere combines scents of international spices. Our caterers are already brightened many a business meeting, for example, on the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, Center for Finance, Faculty of Social Sciences, SIOUG group ...

We are "more than just food," as through cultural and educational elements that are woven in Skuhni disclosed cultural secrets that are hidden in the dishes. In Skuhni revolve diverse, unique and interesting cultural programs

  • Friday dinner with stories of the world cultural "treats" are organized every Friday, where we await the Skuhnino dinner with five preliminary menu of traditional dishes, which are interwoven stories of the world. Through music, dance, stories of you does reveal many veils that hide in the cultural background of dishes. (Every Friday at 19h)
  • culinary workshops
  • Activities for children (birthdays ...)

Also available in birthday celebrations for children and adults, delivery of meals for groups renting the kitchen and cooking island workshop ...

See also:

Eat and Meet 
Winner in Dutch 'what design can do' challenge. 

they say: Food is an excellent catalyst for acquaintance and cultural exchange. Eat & Meet uses food to foster relationships and warm hearts, presenting refugees as an indispensable part of modernity. The project turns renovated city buses into food trucks where refugees can cook and sell food from their culinary tradition, with proceeds going to the workers as well as integration projects. A weekly recipe offered to customers is a pretext to evoke the culture, heritage and history of refugees. A ‘social space’ at the rear of the bus acts as meeting place, with the bus becoming a vehicle for branding, a landmark in the city that moves and connects people despite distances.

Bantabaa Food Dealer
Crowdfunding project for catering company (?) staffed by refugees

Mazi Mas
Mazí Mas is a social enterprise cafe dedicated to supporting women from migrant and refugee communities.

The new local
Austrian 'food as communication platform project'

The Syrian Chef
Syrian chef cooking in refugee shelter in former prison
He says “I respect him a lot,” says Kamal. “In the kitchen, the ingredients should be perfect, the way of cooking should be perfect and the presentation should be perfect—you shouldn’t miss a single detail.”

Eat to Meet
Regular dinner for Amsterdammers to meet newcommers

A crowdfunded restaurant in Utrecht, the Netherland. It advocates itself as:

Syr is a social enterprise aiming to increase refugee participation in the Netherlands by offering them education and career opportunities. That will also occur outside of the restaurant. The profit Syr makes in it’s first year will be donated to the Foundation of Refugee Students UAF and support of the restaurant.
Restaurant Syr is a place where local and new inhabitants of Utrecht meet and get to know each other. There is an exhibition space and a cultural programme, including presentations, workshops and debates.



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