Identity as a pathway. An interview with Sami Naïr

The media attempt to show the migrant’s path to assimilation in the host country, and the mutation that is inherent to the migrant condition. It is embodied in songs, films, television shows, and news reports. The media serves up this conflict as something humorous, as a tragic fact, or as something that is either accepted or prohibited. But the media are never neutral and there is always a point of view, an intention. This point of view creates an image of migrants as problematic, troubled people whose lives are full of (negative) identity problems, even though the majority of migrants don’t actually have this problem of adaptation.

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I took the image from Café Babel.

Yesterday marked exactly two years since I interviewed Sami Naïr, an Algerian-born French political philosopher. It was for "Remixing Europe – Migrants, Media, Representation, Imagery", a publication by Doc next Network unveiling the imagery of migrants in European media. My conversation with Naïr happened at the Andalusian Mediterranean Centre of the University Pablo de Olavide (Seville), where Sami Naïr works as its director. He said some statements that seemed controversial to me, but still interesting. I hope you also find it relevant to you, especially given the current context.

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Hola Rubén!
How are you? thanks for sharing this article I cannot download... :(
Can you please try to upload it again? Maybe It´s a problem of my computer. I´ll try again later.
I would like to read the interview as I like very much Sami Nair approach and to read it againg can be very relevant given the current moment we are living on.
Thank you!

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Hola Dalia! Thanks for letting me know, I should have done something wrong! I think I already fixed it! Best!

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