Ru'a [الرؤى - visions - visiones], deconstructingthe media monotype imposed on islamic realities

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Impressing, right?

I saw a similar Zikr pray (Dhikr) longtime ago, even more impressing because the coordination and the links created among the prayers. Here the link.

The objective of the Dhikr seems to get in contact with Allah by remembering the will of God.

The content of the prayers includes the names of God, or a duʿāʾ (prayer of supplication) taken from the hadith or the Quran.

I think Sufism has been always very spiritual and enlightening. You will heard very well:

La ilaha ilallah - لا إله إلا الله means "There is no god but Allah"

Here another one very impressing. 

But I prefer the other ones as they seem to being lived in community and family.

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Impressing, indeed! Ru'a is a great archive definitely hacking the veil! :-)

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Indeed, I discovered Ruá thanks to you. Very interesting. Thanks

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