What do you think about the "RyanFair" hoax?

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Flying RyanAir is probably worse treatment than going through the paperwork to get asylum in Europe. It might be a trick to make refugees want to leave Europe! </sarcasm>

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I don't know. Ryan Air is one of the most loathesome companies on the planet so many will assume that this hoax is actually real (remember the standing room only fares? - or were they real? See the conundrum?) But is it cool to prank them using such an unprecedented crisis? No, it is pretty tasteless. But comedy can be tasteless and crass. Hmmmm...It is the start of a deep debate on the nature of satire I suppose.

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I think they went pretty heavy in using original Ryanair material. Except for the 'ryanFair' logo on the home page, all the material on the sub-pages looks taken from real Ryanair.

But I did not read around about the purpose of the hoax. Was there a goal?

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La beffa di Ryan Air che apre le sue rotte ai profughi: «L'obiettivo di sospendere per un attimo la realtà è stato raggiunto. Ma oggi, rispetto a quando Luther Blissett iniziò, il mondo dell'informazione al tempo di internet è soprattutto ricerca del click, più che della verità»: http://ilmanifesto.info/luther-blissett-il-nostro-corridoio-umanitario-e-possibile/

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Impeccable Italian, Rubén! I had a bit of a shock as I thought  my browser was translating comments automatically..

Anyhow, there's quite of a story behind the Luther Blisset thing in Italy. I might write something on the Labs about it. For the records, Luther was firstly a soccer player

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hahaha you know, the copy&paste culture makes anyone multilingual! What do you mean a story? I'd be very interested to read about it! That's true! A soccer player! :-)

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he's well know in Watford where I am from, having played more games and scored more goals for the club than anyone else. The great man:

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