Ongoing crowdfunding for artists and creatives

Do you play the guitar, make movies or devote your free time to painting? Do nxt is a platform for creative people to earn a sustainable income. Your fans, friends, family and others who are interested in your work can support you with small monthly amounts. Summed up, this support will turn into a salary for your cultural work. As a talent you can offer rewards to gain even more supporters. 

We know how hard it is to get started in the business of culture, so we want to give every artist the chance to be able to do the work he loves. Through do nxt, the talent might be able to work part-time or even full-time on his passion without endless submissions for funding or having to work in a job that has nothing to do with his artistic talent. Many artists do not have the chance to devote their working time to their passion - e.g. making music, writing poetry, creating art or designing furniture. With do nxt, we want to make it happen!

Sign up on do nxt and start setting up your profile and your campaign. Please note that this is not a crowdfunding platform: Your campaign is not based on one single idea you have (e.g. one movie), but rather on your creative work over the years (past and/or yet to come). Ideally, you will build up a portfolio on do nxt over time. When setting up your profile, tell your fans about yourself, your passion and what you have to offer and think of some funny and appealing ways to reward them for their support. And don’t worry about losing too much time on rewards: With this platform you are able to distribute the rewards with only a couple of clicks and to the right target group.

Start funding your creativity:

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