Video and Space

A series of experimental one night only video salons.

Three interesting gallery spaces in the UK, Poland and Turkey with artists showing video works including animation, documentary, performance and experimental work.

Encouraging artists to show and make work from remote locations, creating new connections and sharing ideas.

The first event took place in the UK in March 2014 at The Level Centre, take a look...


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Very interesting works. Was there a special theme for this exhibition?

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Hi Martina, thank you for the feedback,

There is no theme as such, the idea of the project is to take down some of the boundaries that artists face when showing their ideas. Often outside agendas for whatever reason funding or interference from institutions limit the audience of artists, I would like to encourage artists to take control of their own work and spaces internationally.

I called it _rurality to as a kind of collective name for making and showing work from remote locations.

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