As digitalisation becomes a more prominent part of all our daily lives artists are now able to work together from remote locations. Breaking down boundaries and encouraging new ways of working, showing work in physical and non-physical spaces with a focus on starting new connections and dialogues between artists.
Moderator: Tim Haynes

It has taken a year of fighting with multiple layers of local government to try and get some land to build a play area, we have failed to secure enough land to build the play area on site where...

27 weeks 4 days
1 year 21 weeks

A property developer in the UK, gave some money to build a play area at the planning stage of a local development and then did not build it, no one seems to know why. The idea is to locate the...

1 year 21 weeks

Continuing on from making and showing work in physical and non physical spaces, successfully working collaboratively throughout Europe, Rurality is evolving.

Earlier this year I started...

1 year 31 weeks