Public Space can mean many things to different people living in different cities, countries or even neighbourhoods. What does it mean to you? Share your photos, films, words, drawings and sounds that respond to your own vision of public space.

Curious to see some of the ideas that were explored during the Idea Camp 2014? You find them in the Idea Camp 2014 & Public Space Lab.

America in the Donald Trump Era

This lab focuses on the intelligent discussion around the soon to be us president Donald trump and the animosity around it such as infighting among the transistion team and the self proclaimed alt right movement in conjunction with the president elect.
Also is a place to discuss the issues facing America in general.

Moderator: Adam The Buizel

Another Europe - Samizdat

Another Europe - The EU Neighbourhood Samizdat˟ is the digital companion of the book Another Europe which has been published by ECF to review 15 years of capacity building with cultural initiatives in the EU Neighbourhood since 1999. Weekly features introduce and discuss individual articles of renowned experts, practitioners and ECF partners in the field. All of them have been involved with our programme work across Eastern Europe, Turkey, the Arab Mediterranean Region or South East Europe and have contributed to ‘Another Europe’. In addition, free weekly downloads of all our previous publications and handbooks will complete your digital bookshelf of ECF publications for the EU Neighbourhood countries.

˟Samizdat was the term dissidents used for grassroots self-publishing techniques in the Soviet Union in order to avoid censorship. It included unorthodox dissemination practices for critical works which seems to regain disturbing actuality across the EU Neighbourhood again.

Art + Science

This lab explores how the paradigm of the two culture's arts and sciences might be transformed through a Cultural Re-Think. Imagine research labs and universities where artists and scientists worked together? Imagine equal funding for projects where both artists and scientists are considered equal in contribution and remuneration? What outcomes could be possible? What solutions might be found to big questions? Let us bring them together in this Lab.
Moderator: Sherryl Ryan

Artistic Entrepreneurship Project

The aim of the project is to stimulate debate and discussion on entrepreneurship side of the Arts and artistic practicioners. The economic and societal impact of the arts is immense, now we need to find out how we can use it to make a the arts self sustaining and this is what this lab intends to address through discusson, provision of information, readings, media and research into the field of artistic entrepreneurship.
Moderator: Ian Oliver


This is an open forum that deals with the plight of the immigrant. Our main concern is immigration in the EU and Europe, but we also welcome stories and articles from around the world. We are looking to create a fruitful conversation regarding one of the most delicate issues affecting the modern world.

BIRTH mapping

A transnational, cross-disciplinary project that aims to gather on one interactive and easily accessible map birth stories of people worldwide, from all layers of society, all ages, gender, race, religion and beliefs. Stories of maximum 300 words - any language accepted - , or maximum 3 pictures, or videos no longer than 3 mins are accepted. Please, give us a name (can be a pseudonym), and the date and place of birth.

Bombing Brigade

The ephemeral quality of graffiti reflects life. One day it is here, the next day it is gone. It is our aim to create permanent odes to the illegal brilliance which exists in Europe. Feel free to post any and all good quality photos, articles or other media related to street art within Europe.

Build the City

Welcome to the Build the City Lab. This is the Lab for general discussion of the theme ‘Build the City’ and the wider discourse around culture, communities, democracy and the Commons. Please read the discussions below and join in with your own thoughts on this topic and related issues, events and projects.

Build the City: Manifesto

What changes when citizens can co-decide on urban issues?
In this Lab you can give your input and feedback to help us co-create recommendations on good urban governance for the EU Urban Agenda, and support the Build the City Manifesto.

Also, share your own civic-public initiatives and learn about other initiatives from across Europe.

This Lab is moderated by: Build the City Manifesto Team

Build the City: Online resources

This Lab links to online videos and texts - resources that deal with issues related to the Commons, the City and Culture. A unique collection of material by speakers and collaborators of the ECF Idea Camp 2015.

Care and parenting in urban contexts

In this lab we would like to focus on the invisible work of care and social reproduction, all those tasks that are necessary to sustain life. How is reproductive work done in our cities? In what conditions and with what public resources? Can we create accessible and desirable neighborhoods, care-friendly spaces in out cities? Can we create spaces to “communalize” and share this reproductive work, to do it in common instead of in the isolation of our homes?
Moderator: irene @twitter

Collaborating on the Temporary Exhibitions of the Future

Co-production, ready-made content, public-private partnerships and technological advances are all developing trends in the touring exhibition market. But the question that is raised again and again is whether the effort, the expense and the risks involved make these exhibitions a sustainable option for venues.  With more and more demand from emerging markets and the cuts to government funding worldwide, what will the touring exhibitions of the future look like? Are they a viable option for museums to continue to attract audiences and generate revenues?
Moderator: Bernadine Bröcker


Craftivism is a form of activism addressing anti-capitalism, environmentalism, feminism or any other social issue or cause. Centered on practices of handicrafts, craftivism includes various forms of needlework among many other as ceramics, screen-printing, paperwork, wood, glass, illustration, etc.
In this Lab we want to promote and share information about artisan initiatives and craftivists promoting social change, collective empowerment, personal development, action, expression and networking.
Share your craftwork and make a difference!
Moderator: Dalia @twitter

Creative Citizenship

This lab focuses on civically-engaged artistic initiatives and explores the concepts of creative citizenship and creative problem-solving. What is the role and impact of artists in our society? How can citizens use their creativity to solve issues within their communities? How can culture and the arts bring about change in other sectors such as economics, social work, health, development, urban and community planning? Let's share successful initiatives and brainstorm creative solutions to our everyday challenges.
Moderated by Alexia J. Casanova

Crowdfunding for Culture

Nowadays crowdfunding is turning into an increasingly important element of participatory culture, a proven direct/networked way to make your say in regard an untapped artistic talent or a new creative idea. This lab is about sharing practices, information and thoughts on this emerging trend.

Culture & Refuge in Europe

We are researching the themes of “Refuge, Culture and Europe” for a book to be published next spring, and to be launched at the occasion of the 2017 Idea Camp: “Moving Communities” (Madrid, from 1 to 3 March).
We firmly believe that cultural practices hold the seeds of a more caring and just Europe. 
We invite you to collect, connect and discuss in this Lab inspiring cultural initiatives and voices from across Europe that explore ways how to live together.
Please share here your links, writings, stories, images and thoughts, and join us in our journey.
We hope that this Lab will become, over time, a 'refuge' for anyone willing to involve in discussion about the future of Europe. 
Rubén (ES), Lore (F), Igor (PL) & Charlie (UK)

Culture and international development

This lab is about the role of art and culture in international development. So that includes; strategies pursued by funding bodies to supporting arts + cultural organisations in developing countries, post conflict zones and places in political turmoil; ways artists and cultural managers can take on roles traditionally adopted by development professionals; and how certain forms of artistic practice and cultural expression emphasize values of equality, respect and democracy. We want to collect texts, case studies and generally discuss it all. What role does/could/should one country play in the cultural life of another? Join us.

Culture and the Commons

Following an expert session on ‘The Commons!’ during the first ‘Re:Creating Europe’ forum ECF has started a lab to further discuss the contents, scenarios sketched and possible outcomes of this session.

Moderators: Olga and Friso

Digital Cultures

Digital revolution, information age - what next? This Lab wants to critically investigate the internet, new media and digital technologies and the roles they play in contemporary society, media, culture, politics, and the arts.
Moderator: Timothée Guicherd

EU Funds

The European Union provides funding opportunities in all socio-economic sectors via its multi-annual programmes. Find out more about EU programmes, funding opportunities. Find information about calls, requirements and deadlines. Learn about proposal development, project management, and get familiar with the financial issues as well.
Moderator: Rita Balazs

Europe in photos

A space to explore Europe through photography.

What does Europe look like through your lens? Welcome to share your photos!

European Audiovisual

This lab aims at highlighting the diversity and wealth of European audio-visual ranging from video art to feature length. This lab will provide a space for filmmakers to share their knowledge and experience of filmmaking, and for film enthusiasts to share their opinions.
Moderator: Alix de Montblanc

Flow Arts Frontier

Flow arts refers to a multitude of modern art forms combining dance and prop manipulation. It encompasses a wide range of objects and styles, including poi, hula hoops, staffs, clubs, etc. This Lab focuses on presenting all forms of flow arts and to promote discussion in the flow arts community.
Moderator: Helena Rytilahti

Food in the City

Food in the City Lab is dedicated to the study and actions about urban food systems. The lab encourages co-creation for Integrated Sustainable Food Systems solutions. 

We aim to:

- Seed awareness through empowerment to realise that we can use food as a powerful design tool.
- Offer case studies and reporting about Sustainable Urban Food Systems.
- Create a network  about innovative and inspiring professional, start-ups and organisations that work in with any or all phases of food cycles.

Moderator: Monica Velasco B.


Following the PirateBox and LibraryBox successful initiatives - allowing through a wifi router access to free digital cultural knowledge off the grid - Dcalk rethinks this device to prototype a LudoBox: a Digital Toy Library to gather a collection of free-licensed games.

This lab aims at curating, sharing, discussing topics related to: Games & Commons / Free culture – Print-and-Play / DIY Publishing - Offline networks - Makers / Digital Fabrication – Future of Public (Toy) Libraries – Game Art & Design.

Moderator: Dcalk (R&D grantee 2014)

Gif Art

A lab about GIF Art and GIF artists, for everyone interested into this form of net art.

Gif Art includes a wide range of techniques: CGI, Animation, Illustration, Glitch etc..

We will discuss how this art has been, is, and can be appreciated. The lab is also dedicated to discover Gif artists and new ways to use this file format.

Hacking the veil

How are migrants portrayed in mainstream media in Europe?
The imageries daily produced in media are naturalized through recurrent representations. The veil is the construction of these images of fear, conflict, hostility, and otherness.
Feel free to share contents related to migration and its prevailing imageries, as well as any communication strategy (such as remix and juxtapositions, animated gifs, video games, artistic projects, ads, or critical articles) that might be used to hack the veil and highlight inclusive perspectives on migration in Europe.
Moderator: Rubén Díaz


Our ECO Team by National Fashion League Hungary Association, which integrates designers, artists and professionals working with eco friendly approach  would like to create a COLLECTIVE ECO FASHION BRAND.
This collective brand should emphasizes the proper attitude to the community and to the environment with social and ethical aspects too, so we would like to  invite  designers, fashion professionals, legal advisors in this lab to discuss, how to implement such an unic project together.
Moderated by: Fashion Hungary

Idea Camp 2014 and Public Space

Specially designed for the first annual Idea Camp in 2014, this lab started as a private space for inspirational exchange among the participants. It is now public, and here you can explore some of the 50 innovative ideas to re-define public space. The comment field is still open if you want to join the conversation around any of the ideas.
Do you have other ideas, visions or thoughts to share around public space? Then feel free to do so in #PublicSpaceis lab.
The Idea Camp 2014 was organised by ECF in collaboration with its hub partners and hosted by Les Têtes de l’Art in Marseille.

Idea Camp 2015 - Open Call

Welcome to the Lab for the Open Call 2015.

Applications for ECF Idea Camp 2015 are now closed. You can still discuss your ideas and meet with potential collaborators in the threads below.
The ECF Idea Camp is developed in the framework of the Networked Programme. You can read more about it here.

You can also visit the connected Lab Build the City – this is a thematic Lab related to the wider discourse around culture, communities and democracy and the Commons. Here you can meet and converse with a wider community on these related topics.


A closer look at the cultural scene in Spain. Explore how people meet challenges and come up with forward-thinking solutions within culture, technology and economy. You are welcome to share your own stories.

Ladies First

With so many women in art education, workshops and residencies, why is there a lack of visibility in the art world? Often exhausted by a lack of support or encouragement, many talented women face disproportionate difficulty within the artistic realm. Let us build our own tree house in this space. Welcome to this open community of women artists who support each other in an effort to open visible discourse and foster worldwide relationships.
Moderator: Mar Cuervo

Learning Environment Designers

Learning Environments Designers are curious, eager to learn, and
believe that learning is a way to improve society.

Learning happens everywhere. Learning belongs to society and networking and collaboration are
needed to support learning.

How do you learn?
What methods and methodologies support your learning better?
Is there any environment  (space, situation, background, etc) that makes your learning a greater experience?

Share with us your ideas, methods, methodologies... Let's explore, research and have fun, learning together.

Moderator: Raquel Valenzuela

Lit Lab

This is an inspiring site about literature, stories and characters. If you like to read and write, you're in the right place. You can share about classic literature, trends, books, writers and other curiosities. Welcome, and start telling stories!
Moderator: Felicitas Casillo

Media Archives for the Commons

Digital archives are being generated, shared and used everyday by media organizations, cultural institutions, social activists and common citizens. Video and audio files, images and other documents are not only a tool for communication but also a cultural heritage that needs to be preserved with public and open criteria. Many organizations and independent platforms are already working in building this public space for media archives.
This lab is a space to share experiences, reflections, best practices and tools that help us to transform this digital heritage into a Commons. 
Moderators: Maria Yañéz, Felipe G. Gil and Pedro Jiménez.


Exploring movement in the physical; be it through dance, physical theatre, performance or time-based media. Let's talk about the why, when, where and how of then and now.

Nataŝa Platform

Are you involved in artistic and cultural collaborations across Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine? Welcome to share your activities and ideas on this open and informal platform. The Nataŝa Platform supports sustainable cultural development throughout the Eastern Partnership countries.
Moderators: Agata Will, Ihor Savchak and Philipp Dietachmair.


This lab collects, catalogues and discusses new political parties and campaigns which seek to defend, reclaim and open up public space. Where/how/if the ethos of the post-2008 protests becomes something more concrete. We’re looking for new political parties, new political leaders and different forms of activism. Institutions, policies, traditions. Predominantly in and around Europe. The housing movement, movements to change democracy and decision making, struggles for ‘the commons’ in cities. That kind of thing.
Moderator: Charles Tims


There are numerous opportunities available for artists and, likewise, there are numerous vehicles for discovering these opportunities, but what truly constitutes an UNIQUE Opportunity for Artists — one that is truly distinctive and unlike any other opportunity you have ever come across or experienced? That's what we'd like to invite you to share with us — whether you'd like to promote your own opportunity or one you've just discovered or experienced.
Moderator: Artist Opportunities

p2p square!

Peer-to-peer social practices movements are emerging: Assemblies, self managed cultural centres, DIY citizen platforms, medialabs, hacklabs, maker spaces, urban gardens… We are (re-)discovering a sharing paradigm. This lab aims to build and curate a network of collective and collaborative experiences across Europe, with main focus on Southern Europe. You are welcome to share your p2p stories here.
Moderator: Carmen Lozano Bright (R&D grantee 2014)

Positive change Turkey

This lab aims to be the beginning of a positive cultural change, as a space for Turkey lovers to show art, culture and the unknown face of Turkey. A cultural exchange of Turkish (contemporary) art and culture with the rest of the world, and a reminder that what binds us together is far greater than what divides us.

Welcome to share your views on the beauty of Turkey.

Moderator: Irma Hagenouw

Public Space Makers

What if you could reinvent practices, devices and environments that enable people to feel like they can connect, create and collaborate in urban spaces? We will do this by carrying out research with neighborhoods and communities in public spaces, designing and making physical objects and collecting, developing and sharing the methods.
Moderators: Paco González, Noel Hatch and Jekaterina Lavrinec.

Radical Agoras

How can culture offer solidarity and common ground to overcome economic and political conflicts of our time? Two courageous examples are the Athens Biennale (Greece) and the Visual Culture Research Center (Ukraine), both laureates of the 2015 ECF Princess Margriet Award for Culture.

This lab aims to understand the cultural and political contexts in which they work, and to open up a broader conversation on culture in times of conflict and crisis.


Progressive import of U.S. private prison management model, the growing pathologisation of behaviors or the militarisation of European borders, make up part of the strategies of the State apparatus for the control and management of bodies.
re.Prison is configured as a space for debate and discussion of the current policies of imprisonment and generation (through collective production) of strategies of countervailing power.
Moderator: xose quiroga

REFRAME – a comics Lab

Inspired by the comics project and exhibition “Reframe: perspectives on Europe through comics from Algeria, Turkey and the UK”, we offer this space to everyone who wants to reframe and share individual perspectives about Europe through the medium of comics.
Moderator: Canan Marasligil

Researchers’ Lab

Connecting the cultural policy thinkers of tomorrow. Share your work, vision and stories. Generate new knowledge.
Moderator: Tsveta Andreeva

Rethinking Audiences

Audiences... Do we really care? Who cares, why, in what ways and for whose sake? Share your practices, challenges, approaches, research findings and thoughts on what audience engagement is and what it means for the world of arts today.
Moderator: Goran Tomka


As digitalisation becomes a more prominent part of all our daily lives artists are now able to work together from remote locations. Breaking down boundaries and encouraging new ways of working, showing work in physical and non-physical spaces with a focus on starting new connections and dialogues between artists.
Moderator: Tim Haynes

Schooling Heritage

How we educate the European citizens of the future and facilitate personal development through national and local narratives of history? Your story counts: so letʼs share and explore together the values of cultural heritage learning and let young people gain skills and inspiration in and beyond the school environment.
Moderator: Ioannis Athanasiou

Social Services in Europe

There are a number of important social challenges in Europe today, including high levels of unemployment, increasing poverty and social exclusion, as well as the challenges posed by demographic ageing and by migration.
These challenges affect the adequacy and sustainability of social policies.
We would like to share views and facilitate the exchange of learning on the role of the public services, in particular the local ones, in tackling the social challenges. 

Moderator: Anita Alfonsi

Sounds of Europe

This is where we celebrate the diverse sound of Europe. Most of the sounds are contemporary offerings, but we welcome the standards and the classics as well. Look around, find a sound you like and don’t forget to post some music that you love too.

Step Beyond

STEP Beyond Travel grants fund up-and-coming artists and cultural workers (giving priority to individuals up to 35 years and/or in the first 10 years of their career) to travel between EU and countries bordering the EU.

The application tool is closed. At this time, no new applications can be submitted.

In early 2017, the application form will be re-opened with NEW GUIDELINES. Please subscribe to our eZine or social media channels (Facebook, Twitter) to stay updated. Please keep in mind that applications must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the departure date, as stated in our guidelines.


Tandem is an exchange programme for cultural change makers. With you, we
connect communities of practice throughout Europe and its neighbourhood.
Share your projects and ideas on cross-border co-creation, (un)learning and
new networking. Let’s Tandem!
Moderators: Jotham Sietsma and Philipp Dietachmair.

Visutopia - Plan B laboratory

Participate in finding new ways of allocating resources (knowledge, raw materials, labour etc), based on what nature actually can provide (this time).
Moderator: Anders Nilsson