There are numerous opportunities available for artists and, likewise, there are numerous vehicles for discovering these opportunities, but what truly constitutes an UNIQUE Opportunity for Artists — one that is truly distinctive and unlike any other opportunity you have ever come across or experienced? That's what we'd like to invite you to share with us — whether you'd like to promote your own opportunity or one you've just discovered or experienced.
Moderator: Artist Opportunities

OPEN CALL! for participation in the COORDINATE SYSTEM PROJECT, a 5-day Lab and 2-day Conference in Berlin on public space research and transformation by means of artistic practice.

2 days 13 hours

Arab Arts Focus Edinburgh – Artists Open Call

The Arab Arts Focus is coming to Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017 from...

2 weeks 3 days

The European Academy of Yuste Foundation announces 10 research and mobility grants for European studies, Carlos V European Award - Sofia Corradi, Mamma Erasmus

The European Academy of...

1 week 3 days

D-CAF is looking for Visual Arts Program Coordinator to work with D-CAF Executive Manager & D-CAF Visual Arts Curator for DCAF017.

She/he will have experience in the...

2 weeks 3 days